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Compatible with both Campagnolo 10/11, Shimano 10/11 and SRAM thanks to our unique Multisys!

EDCO Wheels UK
EDCO Wheels UKMay 23, 2017 @ 8:48pm
Today in the Giro d'Italia they go over three famous peaks in the Alps along the boarded of Italy and Switzerland, first over the Mortirolo then the Stelvio and Last over the Umbrial Pass.

EDCO Aerosport Umbrial wheels are named after this climb that peaks out at 2501m, the highest paved road in Switzerland is an apt name for these wheels, lightweight stiff and Aero these are the ultimate all round wheel, perfect for epic climbs, long descents and valley floor traverses.

As raced by Metaltek - Kuota Racing Team Catford CC Equipe Banks and EDCO Continental Racing

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EDCO Wheels UK
EDCO Wheels UKMay 19, 2017 @ 11:28pm
Cycling Weekly have just released their review of the Storck Bikes UK Aerfast Pro finished of with our Prosport Albis wheels and Conti Tyres

9 out of 10 for the complete bike and some nice thoughts on the wheels

"If you want to go fast, and have the money to do so, then the Edco wheels are a great upgrade option. They feel stiff and as a result, fast. They get up to speed and just stay there, keeping their great rolling speed."

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EDCO Wheels UK
EDCO Wheels UKMay 19, 2017 @ 4:19am
Round four of The Tour Series and Matrix Fitness (UK) Grand Prix at Wembley Park sees the womens SunSport Velo Race Team climb to 9th overall with 69 points, after Lizzy Banks' 8th place finish and strong riding from the whole team. Metaltek - Kuota Racing Team are in 6th overall. Both teams ready to race tonight at Round 5 in #Croydon

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EDCO Wheels UK
EDCO Wheels UKMay 18, 2017 @ 8:04pm
Olle Vastbinder from Mantel gives us his feedback on our 3AX Pedals. The result? Reduced knee pain, greater comfort & efficiency
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EDCO Wheels UK
EDCO Wheels UKMay 17, 2017 @ 7:03pm
Edco AeroSport Umbrials are spot on when you need a race day wheelset that's tough enough to deal with the foulest weather. Precision engineered for excellent crosswind stability, strength and a 5-point hub sealing system.
Sarah Inghelbrecht (Lares-Waowdeals) wins the sprint of small bunch in a rainy edition of Puivelde last Friday. Lotte van Hoek (Lares-Waowdeals) finished 6th. 💪
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