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3ax Pedals Tested By Sykkel

It’s a good job our colleagues in Europe are able to translate Norwegian into English, otherwise we’d never have known about the great review our latest 3ax Clipless Pedals had received in the country’s leading Sykkel Magazine.

The translation from their 17th January 2017 edition says:

“Using Edco’s new pedals with lateral movement, we actually produced better values compared to a traditional pedal.

A pedal that moves sideways. It sounds strange, don’t you think? To be honest, so did we. But Edco were confident in their case that with the 3AX, one would pedal more efficiently and comfortably. It was therefore with excitement we started testing them during autumn 2016. The answer shows indeed that Edco’s hypothesis is correct.

Edco found inspiration in people’s everyday footwear when they developed the idea of a pedal which moves sideways. If you would study the wear and tear of the soleplate of regular shoes which
are used for running or walking, you would discover that people wear and tear it differently and unevenly. Some tilt their foot inwards, others outwards.

This is why they wanted to develop a pedal that took into account just how cyclists position their feet during riding, and the result was the 3AX which moves two degrees to each side. This is not drastic difference to traditional pedal movement, but provides great efficiency. Edco, which is the first to make a pedal with this feature, promise in it’s review of the product that
you will have great benefits whether you are an enthusiast looking for more comfort, or a professional looking for that last few percent of improvement. The pedal currently only exists in road

We wanted to test the hypothesis. To determine whether the pedal is more efficient or not, we got help from Espen Aareskjold. He’s bike fitter for the Norwegian Continental team, Team Joker Icopal, as well as coach and teacher in Sandnes Cykleklubb and Sandnes high school (studies for athletes). Together with Espen we conducted two tests of the pedals.

The first test was carried out as follows: I was placed on a power trainer using my own bike equipped with the 3AX‐pedals. It was performed a warm up for ten minutes at 125 watts. Then we increased the resistance by 50 watts every five minutes and measured lactate and heart rate at each watt increase. After four 5-­minute intervals, we did six minutes easy pedaling, before we switched to fixed pedals. The same procedure was performed using the regular clipless pedals: Four intervals of 5 minutes with measurement of lactate and heart rate every five minutes.

The second test was performed in exactly the same way, except that this time we started with regular pedals and switched to 3AX after the first four intervals.”

Edco 3ax Pedal test

“The result evokes the curiosity of Aareskjold, who admits that he initially was skeptical about the idea of a pedal which moves sideways.

I would say there are relatively large differences in the 3AX and conventional pedals. However, there is many considerations to take into account here. We have little knowledge about training load from the days before, the current form, sleep etc. Nevertheless, when we reverse the protocol and test the pedals in the opposite order and still get the same effect on the lactate values, we get a feeling that this would be worth looking further into, he said.

He believes a follow up test where you for example test the pedals for a longer distances and time, would be exciting.”

You can find out more about the revolutionary 3ax Clipless Pedals from Edco here.

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