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Edco Wheels UK

Edco was founded in Couvet, Switzerland in 1888, as a successor to Dubied, which was established in 1876, offering a sales service to thousands of Dubied latches around the world.

The company then became part of the Total Support Group, belonging to Dutch engineer and businessman Rob van Hoek. All Edco wheels are designed and produced in Switzerland, and then assembled in the Netherlands before being shipped around the globe.

Since then Edco have focused on the development and production of state of the art wheel sets in both aluminium and carbon, or a combination of the two materials. They have now developed a number of patented new processes and products, which are exclusive to Edco.

In the UK, all Edco wheels will come with a set of market leading Continental cycle tyres. Further details of the available tyres can be found on individual product pages.