products for cyclists with knee problems

The Solution For Cyclists With Knee Problems

Most cyclists will experience some kind of muscle or joint pain at some point during their lifetime, and persistent knee pain is a common complaint amongst riders.

With it’s patented rocking mechanism which helps to naturalise hip-knee-foot alignment during each pedal stroke our 3ax Clipless Pedal is unique to the market, and it allows you to cycle further, faster and more efficiently as a result.

Recently Dutch cycling distributor Mantel put a set to the test, and it’s safe to say they were very impressed with the results!

Writing on their website Olle Vastbinder, who admittedly struggles with knee pain himself, stated that he started to enjoy riding more and more once he’d fitted the 3ax pedals from Edco.

Olle said:

I had the pedals mounted both on my exercise bike and my race bike. I train quite a lot and soon I found I had less trouble around my knees. Instead of fixing around my knees, I now had a finer sense of muscle pain (relief) around my knees after cycling.”

With the feet able to tilt during the pedal stroke you get a more even pressure across your foot, so pedaling efficiency is improved and long term comfort is also increased.

It’s a small change, but it makes a big difference!

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