Built By Hand

All of our wheels are hand built in S’Hertogenbosch, Holland.

Our highly trained wheel builders combined with our precision tools ensure these wheels are built to the highest of standards. All wheels are built to a 0.2mm tolerance, side to side, up and down. The spokes are also tensioned to within an 8% variance. The 2:1 spoke lacing pattern on rear wheels means that the tensions drive and non-drive can be significantly more even than when using any other spoke pattern. A more even tension on each side makes for a much stronger wheel, and decreases the stress on the spokes.

With the rims produced in our own factory in Asia, hubs made in Switzerland, bearings manufactured specifically for our hubs, and precision rim drilling carried out at our facility in Holland along with the hub assembly and wheel building, we are able to control every step of the process, which ensures the highest levels of quality control at every step.