Edco Crash Programme (ECP)

After an accident the Edco Crash Programme helps you get back on the move again.

If you return a damaged wheel to us we will replace the rim, the spokes and the nipples, and the wheel will be completely restored by our experienced wheel builders.

You can apply to the ECP up to 2 years after your original purchase date assuming that you are the first owner of the wheels, and provide the original purchase invoice.

We will charge you as follows per wheel submitted:

  • ProSport Maloja (light), Pillon (DB) Umbrial (light): £210
  • ProSport Albis (DB), Gesero: £230
  • Optima Roches (DB): £80

Prices given as a guide – please contact us for the latest pricing. The price listed does not include spokes, nipples and labour.

As an option, we are also able to replace the bearings:

  • Front hub: 2 bearings including labour £27
  • Rear hub: 2 bearings including labour £27
  • Freewheel: 2 bearings including labour £27

Charges for bearing service only in combination with Edco Crash Program

All amounts include UK VAT at 20%, and exclude transport and handling charges.

Edco will only accept wheels for repair when the information regarding model, serial number, and a copy of your invoice are included.