Umbrial 45 – “The Best I Have Ever Used”

Recently, Laurent at Cycle Right has been testing this amazing Look 695zr for the shop’s online blog.

The eye-catching Look cycle that Laurent was lucky enough to get his hands on also came equipped with Edco’s Aerosport Umbrial 45mm carbon wheelset.

In his review, Laurent had this to say:

“The bike I tested was equipped with Edco Umbrial 45mm carbon wheels and what a tremendous set of wheels these are.

Before going any further, I must highlight that a bike this good demands an equally good set of wheels, an incredible amount of performance is lost otherwise in stiffness, acceleration, etc.

These Edco wheels are the best I have ever used: despite their 45mm profile, they are very predictable and stable in crosswinds, the breaking is excellent for carbon rims, even in wet conditions (this is exceptional enough to be highlighted).

These wheels offer a very low friction level, resulting in “free speed”, this is very noticeable as you ride along regardless of your speed.

One last very positive point, Edco wheels come with a patented cassette system, compatible with Campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano, which is unique. If, like me, you own bikes equipped with different groupset manufacturers, you’ll still be able to switch wheels between them, while other cassettes won’t allow it.”

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Find out more about our Umbrial 45mm carbon wheelset here.

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