In 1878 Dubied (soon to be renamed Edco) added a department devoted to manufacturing lathes and milling machinery, a product line that went on to be sold around the globe right up until 1987.

Dubied began manufacturing high quality automotive and bicycle components as early as 1902 under the name Edco. Edco is simply an acronym for Edouard Dubied & Co.

As it’s own company Edco started life in 1988 and continued to produce high quality bicycle components, provide worldwide service for Dubied machinery, and contract manufacturing across a number of industries.

Edco was well-known for their innovative designs including a patent in 1975 for a sealed bottom bracket assembly, considered standard equipment today.  In 1993 Edco released IGP, an integrated system with shift levers, located on the brake lever matched with hydraulic brake calipers.

In 2000, the Super G hub was realeased, a timeless design that has since been copied many times over.  Throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s Edco designed, engineered and manufactured bicycle components for a number of other brands.

History of Edco Wheels

In 2007, Edco was taken over by Dutch inventor and engineer Rob van Hoek and renamed Edco Engineering BV.  The design, engineering, testing and assembly operations were relocated to s’Hertogensbosch in the Netherlands.  Aluminum components continued to be produced at the Edco factory in Couvet, and the product focus changed to the quickly-expanding carbon wheel market.

Innovations continued with the introduction of the Multisys-freehub body whose patented design allowed for both Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo cassettes to be fitted without any changes or modifications to the freehub body itself.  To ensure the best possible wheel assembly, Edco, in conjunction with sister company Total Support Group, designed and built a precision rim-drilling machine.  This machine has since been sold to several bicycle wheel manufacturers.

2015 marked another step forward for Edco with the addition of their own carbon and composite manufacturing facility in China.  Unlike other manufacturers’, Edco’s facility is able to weave raw carbon fabric to exact specifications, formulate and impregnate resins using state of the art chemical tenchology, and finish the final product with custom applied graphics.

Edco’s competitive advantage today lies in their ability to design and engineer innovative products, and then bring these products to the market with complete control of the manufacturing process.

During late 2017, Edco was purchased by rim manufacturer Full Tech Carbon. As a leading producer of various carbon fibre products, the change of ownership strengthens the Edco brand. Full Tech Carbon’s vast knowledge and wealth of experience allows us to both improve upon existing rim designs and develop new ones.