MultiSys Cassette Body

Edco MultiSys Campagnolo and Shimano Compatible

Every type of wheel is being produced for two cassette system configurations – except Edco!

In the past, racing wheels had to be produced for a Campagnolo cassette system or a Shimano/SRAM Cassette system.

With some wheels the cassette system can easily be replaced, but with other hubs or wheels it can be very tricky. Dealers have to keep every type of wheel in stock, or they have to keep an extra cassette body in reserve to reconfigure the wheel.

If dealers want to order a wheelset, they always have to indicate which system the wheel has to be.

Consumers with multiple wheelsets and bikes often want all of their components to match, be it Shimano, Campagnolo or Sram.

Edco Engineering has designed a freehub body that will take all cassette types, and simply putting a spacer in behind the cassette will adjust it from one type to another. All cassettes must be fitted with the supplied EDCO lockring.

 The latest version of this revolutionary freehub body also includes 3 steel ‘Antibite’ inserts to prevent the cassette from digging into the lightweight aluminum freehub body, further increasing durability.

The advantage for the manufacturer:

Manufacturer’s only have to produce one type of hub, which makes it easier to fulfill an order correctly.

The advantage for the cycle shop:

The cycle dealer has to buy less wheelsets, as each wheel will fit all cassette types so less stock is required.

The advantage for the customer:

One wheelset now fits all available groupsets, so there is no need to change wheels when upgrading their bike.