Now owned by Full Tech Carbon, the Edco brand benefits from a wealth of knowledge, experience and unique technologies which allow us to produce superior quality rims and cycling products.

You can find out more about some of those technologies and developments below.

TSG Rim Drilling Machine

TSG Rim Drilling Machine

The unique TSG Rim Drilling Machine can drill all possible spoke patterns in the costly ultra-light carbon rims of the professional cycling world. Edco invented the drill principle, TSG developed the machine: from design to trial production in our own Proto & Pilot Production.

The TSG Rim Drilling Machine can drill at any angle and from the heart of the rims, partly due to the rim turn and clamp system. Whilst regular machinery only drills from the outside of the rims, the TSG Rim Drilling Machine drills the nipple gap from the outside, and the spoke gap from the inside. As a result it is possible to drill from exactly the right angle, so that the spokes are not being warped, and as such this decreases stresses on the spokes, and therefore increases reliability and strength. The machine is developed to drill 26 inch, 27,5 inch and 28 inch rims up to a depth of 9 cm.

Close Up – DrillingThe TSG Rim Drilling Machine must also be suitable to drill different types of rims. This was a big challenge, both in mechanical and electronic terms. A programmable spoke pattern generator was developed. The spoke patterns we develop can be loaded onto the machine’s sophisticated processor via a USB stick.

Being able to control the rim drilling in house has allowed us match the drill holes with the specific spokes used. This means there are no large gaps around each spoke at the point where it enters the rim, and unlike many other deep rims our wheels will not collect water as the spoke holes are tight to the spoke itself.

ILT Braking Surface

Edco ITL Braking Surface

All Edco full carbon rims, like the Gesero wheel pictured above, are developed with our unique Integrated Low Temperature Braking Surface (ILT).

We use a special carbon layer structure which prevents high temperature build-up and offers better braking power, coupled with a high Tg resin in the layup and our specifically designed brake pads.

The new ILT surface offers the same stopping power as an alloy in both wet and dry conditions.

For the very best in braking performance, we recommend combining with our Cesso Red Carbon brake pads.

9K 8mm Twill Weave

Edco wheels twill weave

This is a proprietary material developed by Edco for use in rim construction.

9K refers to the 9,000 strands of carbon fiber specified per tow, or bundle. The fibers are then hand woven into a unique 8mm Twill pattern. The result is an extremely strong and stiff material with a fiber areal weight (FAW) of only 150 grams.

The Twill pattern also prevents damage from propagating through the rim structure. 9K-8mm Twill Weave is used in both our SuperSport and ChronoSport range.


REdco Wheel Bearingsather than use standard industrial bearings in its hubs, Edco has developed its own bearing specification to provide years of trouble-free, high-performance use.

Lubrication, ball and raceway tolerances, seal design: everything is considered and tested – both in the lab and in the real world – before they’re assembled by hand at our factory in The Netherlands.

Just another way we are working to raise the standard of our products over anything else on the market.

Model Hub Used In Spoke Type Freehub Body Standard Axle Axle Options Option Parts
SuperG front Optima J-Bend (radial) 100mm QR
SuperG rear Optima J-Bend (2:1) Multisys w/Antibite 130mm QR
SuperG FD front Aerosport DBProsport DB

Optima DB

J-Bend (2 cross) 100mm QR 12×100 TA 6-bolt adapter & axle kits
SuperG FD rear Aerosport DBProsport DB

Optima DB

J-Bend (2 cross) Multisys w/Antibite 130 or 150mm QR 12×100 TA 6-bolt adapter & axle kits
Aptera front AerosportProsport Straight Pull (radial) 100mm QR
Aptera rear AerosportProsport Straight Pull (2:1) Multisys w/Antibite 130mm QR
SuperS Track front Tracksport Roches J-Bend (radial) 100mm bolt-on
SuperS Track rear Tracksport Roches J-Bend (2 cross) Threaded Track Flip/Flop 120mm bolt-on
SuperT Track front Tracksport J-Bend (radial) 100mm bolt-on
SuperT Track rear Tracksport J-Bend (2 cross) Threaded Track 120mm bolt-on